From big banks to small startups

We offer comprehensive tech services to a range of clients



We design and implement blazing-fast server processes in complex settings.

  • Data cleaning and ETL
  • Enrichment from any source
  • Merging of disparate data


Building crisp, interactive applications to explore your data.

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop


Applying data science in a sensible way to enhance traditional BI approaches.

  • Financial modelling
  • Data optimisation
  • Data science

Our Founders

We have full end-to-end experience from design, to implementation and analytics.

Ray McGrath


Ray has two decades of professional experience architecting and developing high performance software in the Investment Banking and Energy sectors.

Through this time, Ray has delivered real-time pricing engines, reporting engines and developed expertise in architecting and developing reliable, resilient and scalable systems to manage and process incredibly large data-sets.

More recently, Ray has been working on trade workflow management tools with integrated numerical optimisation.

Brian Fisher


Brian has over 20 years of experience in the Finance industry in various roles such as M&A, Commodities, FX and Equities. An interest in coding meant he started applying IT to front office situations and has built financial models and analytics for a broad range of clients.

Lately he has taken an interest in dealing with large data-sets including database design, performance and scalability. This means that Brian has full end-to-end experience in obtaining and analysing large datasets - doing analysis on them and building customised Business Intelligence solutions to enable clients to find incredibly valuable insights and, most importantly, signficant cost savings.